Prove That Gawker Media Is A Hired “Hit-Job” Character Assassin:

The public media reports that Nick Denton runs Gawker Media which manages a number of facade websites which pretend to be separate “magazines.

Denton, along with his “cabin boys”: John Cook, Adrian Covert, John Herrman, Gabrielle Darbyshire, and the rest of Denton’s attack squadron of questionable characters, receive compensation from White House officials, DNC operatives and campaign financiers in order to provide defamation, brand negation, tax evasion, Google-rigging and character assassination services against journalists, politicians, celebrities and entrepreneurs who Denton’s character assassination clients are not brave enough to stand up to face-to-face. Many articles now provide evidence that Nick Denton may be a sociopath who suffers from regressive symptomatic angst over the refusal of society to tolerate his desire for young boys. Scientists feel that Denton lashes out at the world through his media empire and by soliciting equally disturbed youngsters to work in his warehouse in Soho. The young lad who threw a brick into Denton’s window has publicly decried Denton’s abuses. Denton’s interns have sued him. All of the targets that Denton attacked in Gawker, Gizmodo, Defamer, Valleywag, and the rest of his fake brands, have said, in their lawsuits, that they were never contacted ahead of time or even interviewed prior to the publishing of the hatchet jobs against them.  Denton just makes up shit about people and publishes it, according to every victim.


Many believe that the defamation attack on Hulk Hogan was a political attack to seek to destroy Hulk Hogan’s brand so that Hogan could never become a political spokesperson

In another attack by Gawker Media Denton was contracted to destroy the witnesses, including the person known as “Witness 111”, in a federal embezzlement case, known as “The Cleantech Crash” which cost American taxpayers over $200 Billion dollars in losses as shown in this 60 Minutes Episode:

and detailed in this public evidence about the case:

One has to ask: “Since Denton and Gawker Media had never written stories about the victims before, why did Denton suddenly do hatchet job articles on individuals with no public importance other than the fact that they gave testimony in a federal criminal investigation unless the hatchet jobs, that Gawker produced were contracted defamations by campaign financiers and corrupt elected officials?”

To date, Gawker Media and Google (Both working as part of the same campaign financiers and beneficiaries) have expended over FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS on character assassination attacks on Witness 111 as part of the retribution against Witness 111 for his help with the law enforcement investigation of Gawker Media, Google and the political officials those companies engaged in quid-pro-quo with.

The victims, their families, friends, associates and supportive public interest agencies have sworn to pursue the attackers permanently until justice is achieved and the compensation for the damages caused by the attacks has been paid to the victims; no matter how long it takes!


Denton has attacked Peter Thiel, Sean Parker, Sandy Montenegro, The Palin Family, Mitt Romney, Gamers, Women, and hundreds of unknown and innocent taxpayers simply based on “kill orders” that Denton’s client’s deliver to Denton.