The Congressional Investigation Archive of the Entire Energy Department Scandal.


From the new book: “THE SILICON VALLEY MAFIA: From Computer Chips to Gun Clips”

“…Silicon Valley campaign finance oligarchs ( John Doerr, Eric Schmidt, Steve Westly, Richard Blum, Larry Page, Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Vinod Khosla and the “PayPal Mafia” Cartel) made a deal with corrupt White House insiders (Rahm Emanual, Steven Rattner, Steven Chu, Matt Rogers, Jonathan Silver, David Plouffe, Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod, Bill Daley, Eric Holder, John Podesta,Valarie Jarrett and their staff) to exchange taxpayer cash for stock market valuation rigging, search engine and news visibility rigging, terminations of the PayPal Mafia’s competitors, election rigging and exclusive crony Department of Energy cash and contracts.

The oligarch billionaires received the largest hand-outs of taxpayer cash ever given to the smallest group of personally connected rich men in U.S. history.

When part of this scheme was uncovered, the oligarchs suddenly had the largest number of failures, bankruptcies and corruption charges, relative to their investments, in U.S. history. Did the GOP sabotage the companies from the “Cleantech Crash” as a punishment to the oligarchs for engaging in such audacious crimes? Did the oligarchs let their companies burn because they only wanted them in order to get the initial “stock pumps”and “management fee skims” in the beginning and the tax write-offs in the end? Were the oligarchs ‘green-washing” and lying about caring about green energy? Were they really just using feel-good PR terms to scam taxpayers out of hundreds of billions of dollars and put a President, that they controlled, in office?

It has been proven that over 680 people, who work for the oligarchs, now work in the White House and run State and Federal agencies and have a financial beneficiary relationship with the oligarchs. In this epic scam, corrupt mining deals, arranged by Goldman Sachs and Frank Giustra, played a large part. USAID resources were used as favors in order to gain lithium mines for Elon Musk and indium mines of FBI-raided Solyndra in Afghanistan. U.S. uranium mines, for John Doerr’s Russian business partners, and copper mines in various foreign nations, were also manipulated to pad the oligarchs over-all commodities portfolios via special flash boy schemes with Goldman Sachs.

Never in the history of America was so much of the voters own money given to such a small group of men who already had so much extra money. Never in the history of America was so much of the voters money given out to produce so many sudden business failures, in such a short period of time, all connected to the same group of oligarchs. This is the story of those ongoing crimes as told by the witnesses, victims, ex-employees, journalists and federal investigators who saw these events take place…”

The book is an incredible read that bursts from the headlines you are reading this week. In many detailed pages it tells the story of a huge abuse of public policy and political power. You can find a copy online in many repositories.

The authors have posted companion research data in peer-to-peer archives around the world:

The following is only a small sample of one of those evidence archives:

“The Congressional Investigation Archive of the Entire Energy Department Scandal. See the crazy billionaires, the exploding batteries and the political kick-backs that led to some of the biggest political corruption in U.S. history. From the character assassinations to actual murders, these are the original investigation records that forced over 50 of the top players in Washington to lose their careers because those corrupt bureaucrats cost American taxpayers to lose nearly a trillion dollars. Here are the inside investigations, emails and records that blew the scandal wide open:”





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