“Dating Mills” are big media companies and investment groups that buy up dating brands, throw all of the members on a huge NSA-like computer system and market fake profiles at users while harvesting and selling their personal data to marketing companies and “others”.  These “Dating Mills” are rife with hackers, overseas scammers, fake profiles from dead models or foreign prostitutes and condensed, computer-processed “love”.  Looking for depth and intimacy, the Mills deliver the worst of all possible scenarios. Do your research. Check online and see who is the ACTUAL CORPORATE OWNER of the dating site or App you are considering. The big brand names are often the worst of all possible options. Most people find the best luck with smaller, single owner, local sites. If you do go with a Mill site, put the least amount of personal information on it, since anything you type in will go directly to a bulk “big data” privacy harvester. Only use a one-time-only picture of yourself for that site and never use that picture anywhere else, online, again, ever. Mill sites, and any outsider, use image comparison software to find you on your outside, personal sites by rapidly scanning and tracking your photograph and then pulling information from your outside, personal site, into their databases.

If you catch them. SUE THEM... unless you used Ashley Madison…Ashley Madison — the dating site for married cheaters — is being sued by a woman who claims she hurt her wrists writing its bogus profiles. However, she never alleges the bogus profiles are illegal, as our Jim Edwards has noted.

So are bogus profiles on a dating website illegal? Business Insider spoke to Eric Goldman, director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara Law to get some insight into Ashley Madison’s bogus profiles. It turns out they may be in a legal gray area.

URGENT NEWS: 60 Minutes & other outlets break story on DATING SITE PRIVACY RAPE. SEE BELOW:

Per Wikipedia:

“,,, AOLPersonals, Meetic, Stir,, People Media,,,, and many other brands are all THE SAME global bulk marketing company.  Be sure to check the true owners of any dating service you are considering. They are accused of bulk harvesting personal privacy data, fronting for escort services, supporting NIgerian scammers, filling their sites with fake profiles, censoring, selling information to spy agencies and other indiscretions. On November 10, 2005, a class action was filed by Matthew Evans against in federal court in Los Angeles alleging that “secretly employs people as ‘date bait’ to send bogus enticing E-mails and to go on as many as 100 dates a month – or three a day – to keep customers ponying up.” The suit has been repudiated by IAC as baseless. The suit was dismissed by the United States District Court for the Central District of California on April 25, 2007.[13]

A class-action lawsuit filed in June 2009 accuses of matching customers with people who are non-paying customers or who are not customers at all. has said that the suit is without merit.[14] According to the complaint, filed in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, represented by attorney Norah Hart, “Match misleads paying subscribers by charging them for the ability to write e-mails to members who can’t reply to their e-mails or even read them.”[15]

Another class-action lawsuit was filed in December 2010, alleging that the site maintains thousands of inactive, fake and fraudulent profiles on its dating site to mislead and lure consumers into subscribing.[16] The judge in the case ruled on August 10, 2012 that did not breach its user agreements with consumers because the agreements “in no way requires to police, vet, update the website content” or guarantee the accuracy of profiles on the site.[16]

A woman claiming she was raped by another person she met on sued the site in 2011.[17] The woman and her lawyer wanted to start checking their users’ backgrounds in order to prevent registered sex offenders from using the site. has responded that it would create many problems trying to get background information from all their users.[18][19] Days after the lawsuit was filed, announced that the site would begin screening new members.[20] uses automatic subscription renewal. On UK, the British version of the site, a subscription cannot be cancelled online, it can only be cancelled by phoning a call centre.[21] To cancel in the U.S., one must go to a page on the site that contains the information on how to do it.[22]

This was a post from their PR Director:

URGENT NEWS: 60 Minutes & other outlets break story on DATING SITE PRIVACY RAPE. SEE BELOW:

DEC- 2013- Monday, FriendFinder Networks Inc.(FFNTQ) will ask the Wilmington, Del., bankruptcy court to approve its plan to exit Chapter 11 protection under the control of its founders.The publisher of Penthouse magazine is proposing to trade $234.3 million in senior notes for new notes, while junior noteholders owed $330.8 million–including FriendFinder founders Andrew Conru and Lars Mapstead–will get all of the restructured company’s new common shares. FriendFinder, hit by decreasing traffic to its many social networking and adult content websites, filed for Chapter 11 protection in September after reaching a restructuring deal with most of its key creditors.

FriendFinder’s collection of websites includes adult-oriented sites such as and more traditional online dating sites like,, and It also runs Christian dating site The company, which has about 435 employees, operated a network of more than 8,000 websites with more than 750,000 subscribers as of Dec. 31, 2012, according to court papers.

-Wall Street Journal

This Model Is Suing For $1.5 Billion FOR FAKE PROFILES
The Huffington Post  |  By Amanda Scherker Posted: 11/25/2013Follow:
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“Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t tell me that they saw my pictures posted on or another [website],” says Miami model Yuliana Avalos.

That’s not because Avalos is an online dating enthusiast — it’s because allegedly allowed more than 200 fake profiles to post Avalos’ pictures, according to the New York Post. Now, the part-time model is taking legal action.

Late last week, Avalos and an unspecified group of other plaintiffs who say their photos were used to make phony accounts filed a $1.5 billion class-action suit against’s parent company, IAC (InterActiveCorp), in Manhattan federal court, according to the Post.

Avalos told The New York Daily News these phony profiles allegedly led to tragedy for one user. Al Circelli, a 70-year-old Yonkers, N.Y., resident, was reportedly fooled by a fake profile that used Avalos’ modeling pictures. Apparently, “Aisha” told Circelli she needed him to send her money to Ghana.

Avalos said she was horrified when she discovered her face had played a role in the scam.

“The woman who he thought he was talking to was begging him for money and he finally went broke,” she told the Daily News. “He had to borrow money from his son. He went bankrupt. He lost everything. He was so ashamed that he killed himself.”

According to Avalos’ lawyer, these phony accounts are easily preventable with the right software, ABC News reports. The Post notes the plaintiffs are seeking a court to mandate monitor international IP addresses to prevent international users from creating domestic accounts.

A representative told The Huffington Post that, “The real scam here is this meritless lawsuit, which is filled with outlandish conspiracy theories and clumsy fabrications in lieu of factual or legal basis. We’re confident that our legal system is as adept as we are at detecting scammers and will dismiss this case in short order.”

The company was previously sued for allowing phony profiles. In 2011, a group of former users filed a class-action lawsuit in Dallas, alleging the site purposely misled users by allowing millions of fake or outdated profiles. The case was later dismissed, and a Dallas District Court decided that is not required to “police, vet, update website content.”

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