The Math of Internet Dating

Online Dating Math

Men respond to 100% of the contacts from women online, yet women only respond to 3% of the guys. This leaves men with no choice but to use partial cut and paste because they would otherwise have to spend 50 hours a week composing personal messages that nobody ever looked at or that never did them any good. So: Men DO cut-and-paste. Women don’t answer most of the emails from men. So women should not yell at men if they think they cut and pasted the first contact email and men should not get mad if every person they write to does not respond to them. Men must put out a huge number of inquiries in order to even get even a small number of responses.

Most people would find it amazing that when someone offers their heart, extends their emotions and makes themselves vulnerable by letting another person know of their interest, even if part or all of the computer message is pasted, that there are people out there who would emotionally abuse them by attacking them in their first response email. You are using a computer to exchange notices of interest with strangers. Forget about whether or not the first notification email was cut-and-paste or not. It is only an issue after you have met in person.

It is a numbers game if you use a computer because that is how the computer thinks. You have to meet 1000 people to find the “perfect” marital partner (60 to 70% of marriages end in divorce now) and 100 people to find the “perfect” girlfriend or boyfriend.

There 200,000 single women and 200,000 single men in any major city. Only 10 are right for each person. How do you find those

You are using a COMPUTER to get sex or love or both. This is a database system that is running numbers so you can meet in person ASAP. Until you meet you are just interacting with a computer.  Of course you will naturally respond: “But I am not a number”..
but to the computer you are ; because that is the way it works. You have to get off the computer and “In person” as fast as possible because the conflict between the computer interface and human contact begins the degradation of the process the second you both are connected.

It only gets worse as soon as you both exchange your first email. “Go live”, get out into the “real world” as that is the only key to success.

“Its a numbers game. 50% of the people won’t be attracted to you but you may be attracted to all or most of them so that can be heartbreaking,  50% of the people will be attracted to you but you will only be attracted to 25%  of them, of the 25% you are attracted to, one of you will have an issue about sex, money, politics or entertainment choices which will cause one to terminate, of the final few, if you met them on the internet, they are forced to date so many people because of the sudden volume of introductions that they may not pay attention to, or appreciate you, so you have to meet them soon because most people select their partner within a week.”