San Francisco High End Anonymous Sex Clubs Make Come-Back Via Millennial and Truvada


You enter a large warehouse, lit with candles, lava lamps and dark moody techno lighting…

In various alcoves are banquet tables with blankets over them and pillows. Draped over each table are naked women, two per table, their legs parted, in “doggy-style” position.

Men are having sex, without condoms, with each woman. Buddha Bar music and incense permeates the room.

The men, 20-something Millennials, move from woman to women depending on who is free at the moment.

The sex is free. The women are not prostitutes. The women are vice-presidents at tech companies.

All of the costs of renting the space, materials, snacks and staging are paid for by a member fee. It is perfectly legal but very expensive. The highly paid Bay Area tech geeks can afford it, though. Recent news has shown that the tech crowd really likes it’s sex to overcome their stress and manifest power-play needs.

Now, similar gay mens clubs have popped up too. The events are called “salons”, “edge cosplay” or “energy meetups”. They are like raves for sex. Only a small percentage of the people use condoms. Condom free sex tables have red blankets on them. At some tables women are attending to men on both sides of the table. (Use your imagination)

Some of the women never even look at which man is next, preferring the thrill of anonymous coitus.

Organizers use code-word laced, naughty implication or Craigslist ads to set up the events. Elite San Francisco “private tech clubs” always have “connectors” at them who can set you up at the Sex Salons in other locations. Most are expensive and frequented by the wealthy tech-crowd because they are the only ones that can afford it.

In Silicon Valley, Atheism is cool, so the high tech hipsters do not have as many moral issues with open sex as one might find in a midwest city. While the religious-right may feel that the Silicon Valley crowd has descended into the depths of hell, the California cool crowd is plowing their way to fun.

Because tech companies tend to hire fraternity-looking and sorority-looking staff, like their founders and VC’s; everybody at these parties is very attractive. Some of the women look like fashion models.

Said Susan: “most guys don’t last that long but I, and a lot of women I know, are multi-orgasmic, so this way the ladies can get full duration and the guys can get as much as they can go for. It’s a win/win for everybody”

There is so much free sex in San Francisco, now, that San Fransisco strip clubs recently had to hold a JOB FAIR to try to find new strippers. If guys can actually “get it” at other clubs, why would they pay to “just watch it” unless the women are crazy hot!


A large percentage of Bay Area Millennials are already taking Ambien to try to get enough sleep, through the stress of Silicon Valley’s demands, and Adderall to hype themselves up enough to try to achieve those demands.

These high speed kids have found the side effects of these drugs to also be very helpful at sex parties. Ambien reduces inhibitions and makes you forget what you did. Adderall makes you do it longer. Doctors are worried about the long term side-effects but Tim, A high-tech dating company CEO says: “I use the Ambien/Adderall combo in low dosages to tune the experience, since I already take them, I know how to adjust for the best effect.”

The drug: “Molly” also appears frequently in these clubs but care is urged by members as it has led to many “freak-outs”.

How can such a thing be possible in a post AIDS world?

The rules are very strict:

All members must have been on at least 30 days of the HIV-stopping medication “Truvada” and show paper-work to prove it.

Upon arriving at the club, each member must undergo an oral HIV test using the new 20 minute test kit called: “Oraquick”, now available at any pharmacy. You just rub the Oraquick tab on your gums, once, and the results are some of the most accurate in the world.

Then, each member has to show the “door coach” a full STD test, called a “full pallette test” by Dr’s. Then they receive a wristband and a special set of anti-virial gel called “Savvy”. Members have acquired “Savvy” from clinical trials because it will soon be on the market. In Australia, some members have set up a Fed-Ex program to ship the new condom/gel packs using a STD killing gel called “VivaGel” over to the U.S. Users plan to squeeze the valuable gel out of the condom package and apply it directly. Savvy Gel and VivaGel are, to high-tech sex, what the Internet was to Silicon Valley.

A member who is a Doctor, helps instruct members about how, and where, to get the full STD tests from contract testing centers.

Morning after Plan-B pills are available for women, but many woman at the clubs use diaphragms, the Sponge or an IUD.

One senior member said: “Condoms leak, break and slip off, plus the AIDS virus is smaller than the holes in latex. A gel, tests and medications are actually much safer”.

So far, no member has reported an STD incident.

So technology finally has an upside!

Some parties are themed with Italian masks, clown make-up or hippie florescent wigs. If you are in San Francisco in the SOMA, Haight, Mission or Pacific Heights areas on a Friday or Saturday night and see someone in a long trenchcoat, odds are that they have a sexy outfit on underneath and are headed to a “sex salon”.

Want to get in on the action? Follow the trench-coats!

What do we think, is this a good idea or a bad idea?

– Story by Susan Lean- Bay Area Public Reporter


San Francisco High End Anonymous Sex Clubs Make Come-Back Via Millennials and Truvada