People Who Use Concocted, Fake, Personalities

Politicians and fake daters use the following tricks to make you think they are different than they are. You will see all of these tactics in bars

Frat House and Sororities teach you how to act fake in order to manipulate others in business and society by constantly over-expressing with your face. You are taught to react to every word that the person says that is talking with dramatic over-reach in your expressions, always using a form of smile or empathy face. This will make you appear more “attractive” to others but perceptive people often see it as fake. Some frat/sorority social training classes have you sit in front of a mirror, for hours, practicing exaggerated facial reactions while listening to taped conversations.

One such tape states:  “….Ok now, teeth together, big smile..highbrows raised, looking shockingly interested in the things that are being said, chin up to hide those sagging necks… and…. stare deeply into the your eyes in the mirror, pretend it is your bank teller.. they are telling you SUCH an interesting story… concentrate….”

If you go to any beer hall near an ivy league college campus at the start of happy hour you will see everyone doing this… but by 11PM, they have let it all slide, though….

If you can get ahold of one of these tapes and practice, you can have more success in your first online coffee date meetings