Getting paid to be in a relationship: Transactional Relationships

Transactional Relationships

In the current recession, many people date for expense offset. One must be clear, up front, if this is their agenda. If your dating partner has visions of a traditional relationship and later finds out your plan is to use them for income, the results will never be good.

The best program is to state this up front in a clear manner. Do NOT be suggestive, the other person will almost always interpret the implied comment as the more traditional implication and sadness will result.

There is a current standard structure in most major cities: $300/per hour with a volume commitment discount. $3000/per month. If the person is unusually hot, has super defined abs and super model facial structure the “donation can go up to $10,000/month. A once a week, twice a week or “anytime” get-together frequency rate is arranged between the two people.

It is a highly competitive market. There are hundreds of thousands of people doing it in each major city and super hot ones are coming here from overseas, every week, to do it. 90% of the arrangements are cancelled after the first month because the other person realizes that competitive market rates are lower than they first thought.

Wealthy men in technology cities and industrial cities consider it a business status factor to brag about their mistress to other businessmen.

The code words in ads and profiles are:

“Studying in college”
“Complete my degree”
“Single mother”

Is being a mistress or gigolo OK? Check with your local laws, therapist and personal compass and tell the other person, in the very FIRST conversation, about this being your agenda..