Why is it so hard to stay “broken up”?

Why First Breakups Never Last

Have you seen that people who had wild, hot, relationships and then huge screaming “I-hate-you-forever”, “you-are-scum”, break-ups are right back together 30 days later?

Are you as baffled as every single other person who saw the cycle begin?

Do you remember when he or she swore up and down that they would never look at the other person again?

When two people have sex and there is an orgasm, it releases oxytocin in the brain. Oxytocin causes other chemicals in the brain to create an addiction state.

Even though you know the other person is bad for you, draining, a user, etc. you still feel an inexplicable need to get back with them after you break up. This is caused by the chemicals in your head. There are a few solutions:

1. “The best way to get over an old man is to get under a new one”. Ann Landers says to change the object of addiction.
2. Leave the area for at least 60 days. The chemical process starts to stabilize after about 60 days.
3. LISTEN to your friends.
4. Know how addiction works. Love is an Addiction.
5. Talk to a therapist.
6. Work overtime at your job.
7. Develop a strong mind and depth through holistic study.

If someone just broke up or got divorced, and you are the “new guy” or new gal”, the odds are better than 75% that you will get dumped when they temporarily go back to the ex partner.

The ex partner, especially if they are a man, will usually be territorial and defend their turf if they hear you are trying to date someone new. Besides the addiction process, the male territory process also kicks in.