What does the term “to date” mean?

The Dictionary DEFINITIONS of Date:

PARTY: 1.  (verb, transitive) To engage in markedly heterosexual activities (e.g.,
“She’s dressed like she wants to party.”) 2. (adj.) Exemplifying a proclivity for
heterosexual activity (e.g., “I hear she’s a  party girl.”) 3. (noun) A social gathering.

DATE: Function: verb

1 : to determine the date of <date an antique>
2 : to record the date of : mark with the date
3 a : to mark with characteristics typical of a particular period b : to show up plainly the age of
4 : to make or have a date with
intransitive senses
5 : to reckon chronologically
6 : ORIGINATE <a friendship dating from college days>
7 : to become dated
8 : to go out on usually romantic dates
9 : to go to a public event with another human
10: To engage in an activity which is planned and which one person or the other pays for
11: To ask and receive acceptance by another single individual with whom you do not have an ongoing significant relationship, to engage in an entertainment event for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities after a series of interpersonal rituals within the date or event.
12: To engage in rituals designed to produce sexual activities with a person whom you recently met
13: To engage in a review process to determine of you and another individual wish to marry or become boyfriend and girlfriend
14: To arrange to go out for a fun activity with friends of any gender or intention

15: To allow different men to take you to dinner in order to see which one will be the best provider.
16. To take different women to dinner in order to see which one will be the best lover.”

Amy- Teenagers no longer “date”, they “hookup”. Hooking up simply means casual sex. If you are over 30 and you ask kids who are under 30 “who they are dating?” they will just scowl at you as if you were the most un-cool person on Earth”

Bobi- “Internet dating is where girls try a different guy out each night to see which one will buy the best food and entertainment so they can get as much money as possible spent on them by as many guys as possible in a given week. ”

Paula-Dating means to get to know a few people over a few months so you can pick the one that will be best to you.”