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1.    why sucks | twenty-somethings – Cached

Mar 22, 2013 I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m on two dating sites. Why? Because all of the
excitement I get from one just isn’t enough. I hope you picked 

2. sucks – Forums – Cached

I really don’t have much luck on there. I’m NOT ugly, and I get plenty of attention
when I go out. However, on match, there are not too many 

3. reviews – an honest review! – YouTube

May 14, 2013 Here is a refreshingly honest take in our reviews. Expanded Match.
com review here:

4. Sucks! – YouTube

Jun 29, 2009 SUBSCRIBE!!! & Comment 😀 Rate it Even if you hate it. COMMENT TELLING ME

5.    754 Complaints and Reviews about – – CachedSimilar

Rating: 1.3 – 361 votes

I will say that I like the setup at better than Christian Mingle, but the
results are the same. They entice you to ….. SUCKS!! Helpful?YesNo.

6. | Plentyoffish Sucks! – Cached

Jan 7, 2008 Online dating is great for women and it sucks for guys. It seems to be a perfect fit
for our consumerist society, where only the best-looking or 

7.    Match Reviews | Consumer Reviews on SiteJabber – Cached

Rating: 2.6 – 57 reviews

Review this Site Ask a Question Share this Page. · Add Photos.

8.    Revenge of Verbal Remedy: Guys: Your Profile Sucks…/you-want-match-let-me-help-you-with.html – Cached

Jun 28, 2012 If you’re posting a profile on an online dating site in hope of finding a long-term
relationship (LTR) with an “intelligent, sensitive” woman who 

9. – Reviews – CachedSimilar

Reviewed By A guy. NYC Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 12, 2013
permalink · Visit I first used the site when I got divorced. At the time, I

10. Can You Tell Someone Their Email Sucks? | It’s Not a…/can-you-tell-someone-their-email-sucks/ – Cached

Oct 18, 2012 It’s never happened to me because, well, I write amazing emails. Or rather, I write
one amazing email, change it a bit, then send it to a ton of 

1.    MC Frontalot :: BBS :: View thread – sucks… – CachedSimilar

Yep, I’m not ashamed. I did it, last Friday I got myself an account. Spent six hours
getting my profile ready and sent almost 20 different e-mails 

2. sucks | Facebook…/matchcom-sucks/301313043227513 – Cached sucks. 12 likes · 0 talking about this. Organization.

3.    furman87’s essential reviews: – Cached

May 6, 2013 In a word, sucks. Everyone thinks that a pay dating site
must be better than a free site, right? I mean you’re paying for it.

4. Dating Site – – CachedSimilar

Rating: 4 – Review by Bonny Albo, Guide

With more than a decade under their belt offering online dating services, Match.
com is one of the top dating sites around today. Read on for a complete review of

5.    How to Stop Sucking at – the Urban Dater – Cached

Sep 13, 2012 is a service that millions use, but few actually succeed at using. I’m
going to share with you my tips to help you suck less at dating 

6.    Does Work for Regular Dudes | San Francisco | Yelp…/san-francisco-does-match-com-work-for-regular-dudes – CachedSimilar

Jul 27, 2010 There seems to be a lot of nice ladies on Match, whom I would like to meet
complain that it sucks are, and don’t have too high of expectations.

7.    Grow Some Testicles: Why sucks – CachedSimilar

Nov 11, 2005 I friggin HATE! So I go on there, I don’t know why, because I’m
obsessive, because I wonder when the last time Karaoke Boy logged 

8.    Why and eHarmony Suck! | Discovering My Life…/why-match-dot-com-and-eharmony-suckCached

Jan 13, 2012 I have spent many hundreds of dollars on both and eHarmony, and I
wish I would have never have heard of them. It is not at all 

9. Sucks – Back – CachedSimilar

Apr 26, 2008 I am starting to hate companies that auto bill you on a subscription basis. The
dating website Match ( is a big perpetrator of this and 

10. sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Pissed Consumer…/match/match-com-sucks-20120122290969.html – Cached

Jan 22, 2012 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I used the service over a year ago â€⠜ I cancelled the
service but one year later I go on-line and see they put through 

1.    DU Singles: Stay away from!! (Dating site horror story…all… – Cached

After not even a week – I am through with They will still bill me for 85
…… conventional way. Prison sucks, er, I mean, oh well, you know what I mean.

2.    Why sucks….. | An american girl stuck in an Indian body…/why-matchcom-sucks/ – CachedSimilar

Jan 20, 2008 My life as a doctor, a dater, and an Indian American.

3.    Meet the men of Really, guys, are you serious…/meet-the-men-of-match-com-really-guys-are-you-serious/

Jan 8, 2013 Did you know that 99% of the guys on are adventure travelers? …. If
your profile sucks, no matter if you’re 20 30 or 90, you won’t get 

4.    Comparing VS Which Site Gives You the – Cached

Sep 10, 2012 It was clear that and were the Top 2. …. If she claims
her life sucks, her job sucks, her boss sucks, her parents suck

5. – My experience as a guy (women, love, attracted…/1468917-match-com-my-experience-guy-women-3.html – Cached

Jan 11, 2012 sucks. I’ve been on that site before, and I finally deleted my profile
after awhile. What I was getting was those rejection messages 

6.    As usual sucks | Online Gamers Anonymous – Video Game

Aug 23, 2009 Well, the girl I was suppose to go on a date with emailed me 45 minutes before I
was going to leave my house for the AMNH saying she 

7. sucks! – Cafepharma Message Boards

Try This is a much more natural way to meet people that you have
things in common with. I have had a blast and met alot of nice 

8.    Woman Sues after Date Tries to Murder Her |…/woman-sues-match-com-after-date-tries-to-murder-her/ – Cached

Jan 25, 2013 Woman Sues For Allegedly Setting Her Up With A Murderer I know
it had to really suck going through what she had to go through.

9. Sucks – ProTeacher Community

I have been a member of since Feb. 2009. I have had no luck finding
a guy. I’ve had more luck on free dating sites. I have called 

10. Hunting The Muse: and – Museworld

Sucks. Same complaints as above ad nauseum. Any relationship between whom
I was looking for per my profile and the “matches” they “sent” me is purely 

1.    • View topic – This sucks! – Modern Drunkard Magazine

That’s what I call Drunkard justice. I hate prisses like that. They’re mincing their
way through life when they should be marching. ~fkr.

2. sucks…… pedophiles? – Yahoo! Answers – Cached

Did he want you to sit for a pedo-while?

3. – sucks | Dating Fora – Cached

Mar 29, 2012 sucks. Loaded with scammers, been there, done that, zero success
outside of chatting with one local on a couple of occasions.

4.    Patricia Appelquist: SUCKS – Cached

Sep 19, 2010 Patricia Appelquist. A Blog that will tell you what’s going on with me and to
remind you that smiling at dogs and drinking wine are good 

5.    404s & Heartbreak: Why Online Dating Sucks | Complex…/404s-and-heartbreak-why-online-dating-sucksCached

May 15, 2012 404s & Heartbreak: Why Online Dating Sucks Wading through the entire list of “
matches” in my area on OKCupid, the free dating site, and 

6. Sucks! | Xtranormal

Nov 11, 2010 Attention: As of July 31, 2013, Xtranormal will be discontinuing current
subscriptions, points plans and existing services. Click here for more 

7.    themusicaddict: sucks (if you are LDS)…/matchcom-sucks-if-you-are-lds.html – Cached

Jul 4, 2010 Hello, Just a FYI for my fellow single Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
members. The church is also known as the LDS church or 

8.    (Canceling) sucks no more! – Michael Goff…/love-for-free-canceling-matchcom-sucks-no-more/ – Cached

Sep 27, 2006 Before Ah, I remember my close call with and their 72-hour Memorial
Day promotion as if it were yesterday. I almost signed up, but 

9. vs. eHarmony vs. POF vs. OkCupid – Which online dating – Cached

Jan 16, 2012 Tags: best online dating sites, Cleveland dating, Dating, eharmony, eharmony is
a rip off, eharmony or match, eharmony sucks, match versus 

10. So long, PS: You suck. | Life after the Romance Scam…/so-long-match-com-ps-you-suck/ – Cached

Sep 29, 2010 I canceled my subscription today. One of’s many irritating
practices is that once you subscribe, they automatically renew 

1. SUCKS! | SternFanNetwork…/match-com-sucks… – Cached

some cutie emailed me and i can’t get back to them because i refuse to pay!
Weren’t these things supposed to be free? The email doesn’t 

2. Men’s – Cached is the first, largest, and most global dating website. The primary
means of Not exactly a glowing review. Date began: April 1995. Cost: 1 month:

3.    Woman Used Dates For $1200 A Month In Free Dinners – Cached

Dec 1, 2011 “Then she discovered– the perfect site for a broke 23-year-old.” Her
plan …. I’m sure it sucks to be one of those guys. But it IS online 

4. officially sucks! – AR15.Com Archive officially sucks! – AR15.Com Archive – AR15.COM.

5.    Blue Ruin: eHarmony Sucks; Rocks…/eharmony-sucksmatchcom-rocks.html – CachedSimilar

Jul 1, 2007 O.K., O.K., mea culpa already–please stop chastising me for signing up for
eHarmony. I know it was a big, stupid mistake. I’ve done some 

6. sucks – Search Results – ScrewedByForums | Consumer

This site may harm your computer.

Consumer complaint forum with real stories from consumers who feel they have
been victim of a scam, fraud, ripped off or screwed by a business. This forum 

7.    On staying positive when everyone thinks you suck. | I Can See Why…/on-staying-positive-when-everyone-thinks-you-suck/ – Cached

So, I got drunk and signed up for Again. I’ve only been on for a week
and I’m On staying positive when everyone thinks you suck. 7 Sep. I dunno.

8.    What Percent of People Respond to Your Initial Emails on…/what-percent-of-people-respond-to-your-initial-emails-on-matchcom/ – CachedSimilar

If you’ve ever received an email like this, you know it sucks. …. I’m not currently
using, but I have in the past and I’m currently on a similar dating site.

9.    Featured Success Couple: Nina and Jeremy | Official Blog…/featured-success-couple-nina-and-jeremy/ – Cached

Oct 22, 2012 However, organ matching is a precise science and the chances of a non-family
member being a blood and antigen match is Match Sucks.

10. Sucks Because I Got Old?? » News on Popular Dating…/matchcom-sucks-because-i-got-old/ – CachedSimilar

Dec 18, 2008 I decided to do an experiment and re-join ( for
one month. I joined on 11/18, so my one-month membership

1.    do sites like work? [Archive] – AnandTech Forums – Cached sucks majorly, I’d recommend instead. I met my
Finacee there, we’re getting married April 17th 2004. 🙂 Be honest 

2. – #1 Dating Site – Android Apps on Google Play…matchmatchmobile… – Cached

Rating: 4 – 14,416 votes – Free is the #1 dating site with MORE DATES & RELATIONSHIPS than any
profile picture out it SUCKS so much would give it to 0 stars there was one.

3.    Tragic Profiles

Jun 11, 2013 Dave goes on, and meets women, and sometimes goes on dates
Tagged with creepy, dating, online dating, Online Dating Sucks.

4.    Is anyone going to any of these “Stir by” meetups this…/Is-anyone-going-to-any-of-these-Stir-by-matchcom-meetups-this-summer.aspx – Cached

this summer? – I might sign up for so i can go to some of these
things all the chicks were. In before you suck. Back to top.

5.    Online dating Sucks!!! Really bad!!, page 1 – Above Top Secret

Anyone had any luck with online “match making” services? After a week of of
posting profiles, “signing up to review your matches“, and getting 

6.    Ripoff Report | Complaint Review Internet: 790569…/Matchcom/…/Matchcom-This-company-sucks-Internet-Internet-790569 – Cached

Oct 19, 2011 Complaint Review: This company sucks Internet, Internet.

7. Joins The 19th Century – Consumerist – Cached

Sep 28, 2006 Expect an official letter of congratulations arriving at your offices shortly by Pony
Express. “(Canceling) sucks no more!” [GoffSpot] 

8. Sucks! | DiGiBunch – Cached Sucks! Posted on June 30, 2009 by Digibunch. SUBSCRIBE!!! &
Comment 😀 Rate it Even if you hate it. COMMENT TELLING ME YOUR WORST

9.    Plenty Of Fish Review ( – Dating Sites Reviews…reviews – CachedSimilar

Rating: 2.5 – 104 reviews

PoF makes the matching process fun with several questionnaires designed to …..
Why POF S U C K S; Authored by:Anonymous on Thursday, August 22 2013 

10. Marvelously Comical: I hate – CachedSimilar

Jul 30, 2008 sucks!!!!! sorry, I simply had to get that out of my system. May 21, 2010
at 5:33 PM; skinnysucks said… the advert alone makes me 

1.    Delete me from – Fixya – CachedSimilar

Feb 16, 2009 seabiscuit68 sucks …..this is one of most stupid site I have ever visited
…..there is nothing in it….soon I will be writing every where on 

2.    Beware: eHarmony sucks… Free Dating, Singles and Personals – CachedSimilar

Despite me giving preferences a few times to my ideal match yet I’ve had open
communication with Another one that sucks is

3.    Trademark Loses UDRP On Direct Match Domain…/trademark-loses-udrp-on-direct-match-domain-bongrille-com-used-as-a-sucks-site/ – Cached

3 days ago Deskan S/A of Nassau, the Bahamas, which owns a trademark to the term Bon
Grille In Brazil lost a UDRP seeking 3 domain names including 

4. Reviews – – CachedSimilar

Rating: 50% – 17 reviews

OKCupid Reviews: “Better Than eHarmony, review of singlesnet.
com so therefore, I decided to write my own seeing how I once was a member 

5.    TIL The founder of had his girlfriend leave him for a man…/til_the_founder_of_matchcom_had_his_girlfriend/ – Cached

Aug 2, 2011 Not to mention he could match himself to any girl on the site. Control the internets
! permalink …. We’ll do it live!! Fucking thing sucks! permalink.

6.    7 Reasons Your Online Dating Profile Photo Sucks – Cached

Oct 19, 2009 If you want to have any success in online dating, you’d better have good profile
photos. No matter how well you’ve written your online dating 

7. | 40 And Single In Atlanta – Cached

Apr 9, 2013 So, I finally found the sure-fire way to get someone from Match to leave you ….
Getting someone on Match to leave you alone · Karma Sucks 

8.    No More Sex Offenders For, as They Begin Screening…/no-more-sex-offenders-for-matchcom-as-they-begin-screening-daters – Cached

Apr 18, 2011 After a woman sued when she was sexually assaulted by a date, it
shouldn’t come as too @SkipErnst: Agreed, dating sucks.

9.    Brooklyn Man Sues for $5M Because of Fake Profiles – CachedSimilar

Sep 25, 2009 sucks. But so do all the online dating sites. Time magazine names
eHarmony one of the 5 worst websites a few years back, for 

10. vs. OKCupid – Which Site Has Hotter Girls/Guys?…/matchcom-vs-okcupid-which-site-has.html – Cached

May 5, 2011 On Match, girls are more attractive, more serious, and more Labels: body type,
hot or not,, OkCupid …. Goodreads Book Review.

1. Sued Over Dead/Fake Profiles | Techdirt…/matchcom-sued-over-deadfake-profiles.shtml – Cached

Jan 18, 2011 Last year, dating site threatened some rivals, saying that ….. It does
suck when I’m eager to get back and check e-mail to find out it 

2. Really. – Zella – Open Salon – Cached

Jan 13, 2009 We met on It’s the Of course, is not a magical
matchmaking service filled with Princes Charming. Sucks, doesn’t it?

3.    Scammer on – Dangers of Internet Dating…/scammer-on-matchcom.html – CachedSimilar

Aug 7, 2009 sucks and I hope that they go out of business with their no caring
attitude. They should be able track IP addresses of those past and 

4.    Psycho Dater – The Dirty

Jul 12, 2012 THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you ran into this guy on or any other
dating It sucks because he doesnt DATE you…you DATE him.

5. [Archive] – Don Juan Discussion Forum

[Archive] Okay guys, I finally signed up with you can’
t let them find out how much your add sucks, can you?!!:nono: 

6.    Do you agree that Rap music sucks? –

Dec 16, 2011 stuck with …. Some rack sucks, some rap is really solid. Same for rock
It is true that most rap sucks, but there are some exceptions.

7.    Social Media Campaigns Don’t Match When – Spin Sucks…/social-media-campaigns-dont-match-when-consumers-are-online/ – Cached

Jun 28, 2012 A common question in the social media world is, “What time of day – and how
much – should I post?” A new study answers that, according to 20 

8. Review – Webutation – Cached

chat; english; account; girls on gagamatch; gagamatch.con; http://www.gagamatch.
com/;; review; reviews; gaga; wiki; dating site 

9. • View topic – my account was hacked… – Cached

i created an account in recently ( just for fun, i have no and seeing
someone pretending to be you that feeling is really sucks .

10. isn’t for everyone | Four is a Family…/match-com-isnt-for-everyone/ – Cached

Feb 2, 2012 Which was fine as the goal was to find a match, not just anyone. Each day I
That sucks, because it discourages people from browsing around

1.     Colin
Cassady came out for a match but, before I get to that, Amore 

2.    Why Your Online Dating Profile Photo Sucks? – Cached

Feb 7, 2013 Reasons Your Online Dating Profile Photo Sucks Online dating success depends
on perfect Check out my exclusive Match coupon codes.

3.    Eharmony Sucks | Ms. Single Mama – CachedSimilar

Jan 15, 2008 E-Harmony Really Does Suck: Worst web site of the year by Time Magazine
Because in the end, the E-Harmony matching system is a joke.

4. – – CachedSimilar customer service ranks based upon user reviews and complaints
additionally, I have solicited my local representative to review this companies 

5.    The Pros and Cons: Online Dating | The Hairpin – Cached

May 24, 2011 Anecdotally, I signed up for 3 months on Match, and met my current …. wait to put
out or that you have to date a certain sexless way can suck it!

6.    Mars Hill Dating and Personals – Topix

Featured profiles from We’re sorry. Unfortunately we could not find
profiles that match your query in Mars Hill, Top 10 Reasons Chicago Sucks · 21

7.    Crossfire Review #1 | The Daily Caller

4 days ago For Review #1, we will focus on the show’s Monday debut starring and
marinated in the despicable shouting matches of post-Carville 

8.    But he seemed so… single! | San Diego Reader…/cover-he-seemed-so-single/Cached

Dec 26, 2012 If that is not a option, then put your or POF profile in cities …. Sucks
that there are so many dishonest people or those just hunting for 

9.    Cocktails at Tiffany’s | Two cynical, single ladies trying to laugh at life – Cached

5 days ago After weeks of consideration, I made a profile on I don’t know if any
of you are familiar with Match, but there’s a few steps you can 

10. Six Dangers of Online Dating | BlogHer

Sep 26, 2011 A search on a major site for matches in your city may yield thousands of results.
So much possibility! Or so it may seem. So which ones do you 

1.    Eharmony sucks | Tracy | Yelp

Mar 19, 2012 I am very disappointed with Eharmony. They claim to send you people that are a
match with your personality. *80% of the people they sent me 

2.    Single Steve – Dear Eharmony, Fuck you. – Cached

Jan 26, 2011 eharmony sucks. You’re probably thinking well, there has to be a glitch in the
matrix. There’s no way that 748 girls just haven’t responded back 

3.    Anyone else think eharmony SUCKS?? – Yahoo! Answers… – CachedSimilar

i went on eharmony once because i took one of those myspace personality tests.
it took forever to do (20 minutes) and after putting all that time into it i 

4.    Why and eHarmony Suck! | Discovering My Life…/why-match-dot-com-and-eharmonysuckCached

Jan 13, 2012 I have spent many hundreds of dollars on both and eHarmony, and I
wish I would have never have heard of them. It is not at all 

5.    Beware: eHarmony sucks… Free Dating, Singles and Personals – CachedSimilar

Despite me giving preferences a few times to my ideal match yet I’ve had open
communication with about three girls so far and I closed every 

6.    eharmony sucks | Misadventures in Cleveland Dating – Cached

Jan 17, 2012 While doing my little review of online dating sites yesterday, I came across this
guy’s blog article about how much eHarmony sucks. He couldn’t 

7.    Does eHarmony suck for you too? –… – Cached

I am looking for a good dating site that does not suck. On that note, I joined
eHarmony and I think it sucks on so many levels! Such as way too many

8.    Eharmony sucks – Pissed Consumer…/eharmony/eharmonysucks-20130509407201.html – Cached

May 9, 2013 My first mistake was to pay for a full year. 4 months into it, not one match within
my criteria. They sent me non-paying members outside of my 30 

9.    Eharmony Sucks | Ms. Single Mama – CachedSimilar

Jan 15, 2008 When you’re a single mom or a single dad online dating is sometimes the only
viable option. You can’t get out of the house at night without 

10. E+HARM+MONEY eharmony sucks lol –

7/9/2008 1:37:02 PM, E+HARM+MONEY eharmony sucks lol. springfever100.
Nepean, ON 46, joined Apr. 2008, what a brutal nasty, costly experience using 

1.     eHarmony. I know it was a big, stupid mistake. I’ve done some 

2.    eharmony sucks – YouTube

Mar 23, 2011 11:56. Watch Later Dating Websites Review. Pros & Consby ARakaLordBrilliant
2,685 views · 9:37. Watch Later Online Dating Sucks Episode 

3.    eharmony sucks balls | I’m fun…. – Cached

Apr 7, 2013 Posts about eharmony sucks balls written by avadestruction.

4.    Yet Another Reason Why eHarmony Sucks – The Quixotic Jedi…/yet-another-reason-why-eharmonysucks/ – CachedSimilar

Aug 6, 2009 Dear eHarmony, Blow me, you fat ugly bag of worthless money-sucking and time
wasting boring profiles. Your website sucks. And I’m not just 

5.    Seven Ways to Get Lucky with Online Dating in 2013 – eHarmony…eharmony/seven-ways-to-get-lucky-with-online-dating/ – Cached

Reply using… Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Windows Live. Amanda Holloway. So true,
Lon Pierce. I was going to say the very same thing myself. eHarmony sucks.

6.    Leave it to Lisa: eHarmony Sucks – CachedSimilar

Nov 10, 2007 So I mentioned a while ago that I was going to give eHarmony’s online “matching
” service a whirl. They advertise that by answering key 

7.    OK, EHarmony Sucks… « Cordial Deconstruction – CachedSimilar

Jan 5, 2010 Susan, 39 of Ellis Grove, IL, I guess we’ll never know what might have been. A
few months ago, I signed up for EHarmony, for the same reasons 

8.    Dating Online: eHarmony is useless! | julietjeske – Cached

Jan 19, 2011 The matches on eHarmony – This is why the site sucks. Too many suburban
matches – I honestly felt bad for these guys because many of them 

9.    eHarmony sucks my ass! – Jinxworld Forums…/showthread.php?152232-eHarmonysucks… – Cached

So I signed up for a couple months of eHarmony to try it out and maybe get a date
or two, well after not getting a date (or really much interest 

10. Tudor City Girl: Eharmony Sucks – CachedSimilar

May 26, 2009 What a cheery subject title from me today. But frankly, I would rather never date
again or perhaps even throw myself off the GW Bridge rather