FACE “CLASS-ISM” & PREJUDICE: Prejudging people by their facial symmetry

Just like we have laws to prevent people from harming others because of age, gender or race, we need laws to stop people from harming each other because of face.

National studies show that people are chosen for Fraternity or Sorority membership based on how much their face aligns to the arbitrary “Golden Ratio” of facial alignment. They are rejected, or more painfully hazed, if they do not have the right homogenized golden ratio look.


None of the people, below, would go out with the guy on the right, above:



These same studies show that people get hired, or promoted, if their bosses think they “look” like they would be attractive in their positions based on facial alignment.

It is worse in the online dating world. That environment creates the most hellish of all possibilities:

First: If someone has a golden ratio face, they are not going to be on an online dating site because they are already flooded with more offers than most people get. If you do see a picture of a person with a “perfect face” on an online dating site, these days, it mostly turns out to be a fake profile put up by the site to draw you in.

Second: You are likely to only pick people with golden ration faces because the 2D images emphasize the mind’s Golden Ratio selecting process BUT those people are most likely to reject you. So it is a lose/lose proposition.

We need the same laws that apply to race discrimination, gender discrimination and age discrimination to also apply to facial alignment discrimination.
Call your elected official or don’t date online.